One Scope, Two Rifles

If it is possible to use one riflescope for two rifles it would allow the hunter that extra bit of money saved by not buying a second rifle scope for the second rifle and spend it on buying only one but better riflescope instead. The idea apparently seems rather outlandish but considering the economic aspect of the whole concept it is surely worth a try.

But there has to be some tradeoffs in the entire process as it has to be accepted that a single riflescope cannot be ideally fixed on two rifles. The user will have to accept that the rifle scope would perfectly fit on to one rifle while just about passably fit into the other. The endeavor should be to make the second fit as optimum as possible. So, this attempt could possibly work for a limited period of time, that is, till the hunter has saved enough money to be able to buy a separate riflescope for the second rifle where the existing optics just about manages to carry off the day.
But how so ever pious the intention of using a single riflescope for two rifles might be, it would work only in certain specific cases. The base and ring combination in two rifles should be near identical for the hunter to easily remove the riflescope from one gun and mount it on to the other with minimum fuss. As for example, it would a herculean task not worth the labor involved if the single rifle scope is mounted on a long action bolt gun having dovetail rings and is then shifted to a short action lever gun having Weaver type scope mounts. It will simply does not work as it is practicable to go through so much recalibration and adjustments for attaching the optics. So, the two guns that would have a common hunting scope must have compatible ring and base combinations for this idea to work in practice.

There are practically endless combinations of rifles that have such commonness and the hunter would be the best judge in deciding the pair they like best while undertaking this experiment. But they should not forget the basic requirement of this experiment to work while choosing the guns.

Generally, the rifle scope should be appropriate for the rifle with the larger caliber. This idea is, however, hotly contested by some hunters who insist that the rifle scope should be ideally paired with the gun having lesser caliber as in most of the cases, a lesser powered hunting scope works perfectly for both larger and shorter caliber guns since most of the shooting is done within short to medium range where the need for high powered scopes is rather limited. Therefore, the idea of spending money on a riflescope whose full potential would never be used in real life hunting scenarios does not sound intelligent. The other issue is the chosen hunting scope must have eye relief suitable for both guns as any mismatch in it would result in utter discomfiture of the hunter and might even lead to his missing a few shots.