LETTER: Everyone should support universal background checks

LETTER: Everyone should support universal background checks

This week would be my beautiful niece’s birthday. I have a story to share. What would it take for you to support universal background checks for gun ownership? Would it be a mass shooting in a Tennessee school? Your co-worker committing suicide? A loved one getting murdered? A rampage inside a mall during holiday shopping? The twins were 5 months … (more)

Accidental gun deaths of children greatly undercounted

You’ve probably heard the gun lobby successfully oppose safe-storage laws meant to keep firearms away from young children with two talking points: 1) too few children die from negligent-discharge accidents each year to justify infringing the Second Amendment rights of Responsible Gun Owners this way, and 2) most of the children that do die from the … (more)

Increased deer sighting makes for strange hunting season

This weekend is the start of Tennessee’s muzzleloader season meaning thousands of hunters in our area will so head into the woods to hunt for deer.