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    NAGR Black Collared

    NAGR Beanie

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    NAGR Hats

    Become a Frontline Defender today!

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    Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic Assessment 

    Developing a weapon nowadays has not been so difficult thanks to the various technologies available today. Moreover, with the uprising knowledge about technology, weapons like guns and other gadgets had improved their performance immensely. Take for instance, using a gun with an aim point is so much better than one that does not have this accessory. This gear may appear useless or too little to sum, but for gun enthusiasts, aim points are truly valuable.

    One of the most profound improvements on guns is the use of scopes. Scopes are considered as high technology breakthroughs and one such example would be the Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic. If you are looking to engage in firearms, then it would be worthy to look for something that is “tacti-cool” and these scopes are your best bet.

    The Red-Dot and Its Use in an AR-15/M4
    In the world of firearms, Aimpoint sights has been recognized well by the use of outstanding red-dot signs in scopes. The Aimpoint Pro got even bigger with the amazing feature that was designed for welfare and technology. Thus, making people believe that this was even more compact and precise.

    With this PRO or the Patrol Rifle Optic, the red-dot sight was created to elevate a better performance in shooting at an aim point. And with this, the Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic review has also elevated front iron sights as well. It is said that the dot can cover up a distance of 100 yards. Is it not amazing and astonishing?!

    This improved technology for Aimpoint Pro has been designed functionally with an aluminium tube. Upon creating it, the rear cover is made up of a clear window and its lenses are hinged that it provides a better way of sniping things and objects. As a good review for this Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic, one open eye will see the target while the other looks at the capped sight. The dot will run automatically because the Aimpoint Pro is always on.

    Another review of this Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic creation is a better understanding that its lens is constructed to protect the shooter and everything surrounding it. Moreover, it will make the scope easier to use on the battlefield. Lastly, the link covers are very useful in all of its knobs.

    What else is good?
    A red dot sight is considered a function that is easy to manage. Another thing about the red dot sight is its function to lessen the inconsistency of its target acquisition.

    Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic on a simple glance only slightly moves its point of impact. Therefore, it will make a shooter or sniper see their target on a faster pace. In addition, people using the AR-15/M4 with the red dot needs to make sure that both eyes are open on the target because the gun is considered only on the list of short and medium range weapons. Lastly, Aimpoint Pro has been a favorite of individuals in the world and provided with good feedb

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    Scope Mounts & Scope Rings Important Accessories in the field of Shooting 

    Well, choosing an object is an art and utilizing the same thing in your day-to-day life is expertness. If you are an expert person in the field of shooting, then I am sure, you can grab the best out of the rest. And, when we’ll talk about day-to-day tools then Scope Mounts, Scope Rings and Bases are few of the necessary components which is very much required in the field of shooting and hunting.

    In the beginning, most of the Rings and Bases are manufactured by the humans. But, as of now, all the Scope Mounts and Scope Rings are designed by skilled engineers with the help of computer. Both of them are very light weight in terms of carrying them while shooting or hunting someone or for Archery purpose as well. Actually, they are pre-requisite items for any Rifles, Shotgun, Pistol and Handgun’s etc. Moreover, the preference is varying from person to person choice and needs. No doubt, these kinds of product easily available in different sizes and color as well to full-fill the different needs.

    Now, if you already selected the correct Scope Rings and Scope Mounts for your weapon then you need to be very much sure about the installing procedure as well. The main and major issue will be arising while installing this accessory into your weapon like: loosing of the rings. Generally, Bases and Rings are available in silver or matte to give strength to your own mounting system. Of course, Ring is well connected with the help of screws and bases but you need to be fully satisfied whether your device working in a better condition or not after putting the accessories into it.

    And, if you are not a skilled person, then you can take the help from the competent person who has good knowledge and past experience in the same trade. Now a day’s lot of manufacturing companies offers the wide range of quality products as per the customer’s choice. And, all the list and prices of the particular product is easily available for all of us on the Internet. And, what extra you need, all the products which they are offering comes with the lifetime guarantee. It means, if any chance, the accessories is not working in a proper way, then either it will be replaced or fix the problem.

    I am sure, if your passion is Archery or shooting then Scope Rings and Scope Mounts are made for you for outstanding scope of your shooting skills power.

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    Magpul UBR Stock review 

    I had the gratification of installing the M$ technique buttock before, so it is simple. The guidebook of Magpul industries is amazingly short and easy to understand. There is no clatter, vibrate or looseness. Everything goes mutually without any argument or drama. All the parts move in wonderful concord.

    This beauty truly works perfectly to blow your minds up. It has been ventured as a stock that has broken all records because of its high demand and huge adaptability. Some of its appreciated specifications includes LOP collapsed adjustment that is fixed up in the 7th position which is 0.56inch part per position, the weight is also a little unmanageable, being 1.46 lb this rifle becomes very hard to handle, then is its length stock which is approximately 8 to 11.36 inch so that you have to struggle a bit while handling this black beast.

    The best and the valued part of this stock it its price that is $ 265 which is quite cheap and reasonable when compared with any other rifle endured with these specifications. Therefore, it can rightfully be said as a Battle Rifle that knows its job which is to provide the gunner with quality shots always. The style and charisma of this rifle is well put forward by its black look and strong rock solid body.

    This is the ultimate tool kit that can provide an enthralled experience which is well enunciated by its aluminum strike plates. It must be recorded that a good amount of effort can be seen in its making once you start using it up. As, without going through the provided manual one can understand nothing about Magpul stocks where as only one thing can be entitled from its first glance that is it is a pretty hefty rifle. The commendable part of this rifle is the stationary shooting that is worth a mention because this part can be taken as the pride of this product. But when it comes to the professional shooters the Magpul won’t last as the first choice for them but creeds good place in the minds of the novice shooter who can start their shooting journey with the help of an exceptional Battle Rifle.

    The Magpul UBR utility is astonishing. As you can see in the form its inspiring pictures, it can seize a good amount of small things like battery, some extra bullets or many other small gadgets. It is very useful ability of this product. Moreover you can also attach an aluminum strike plate in any time you want. When you take it in weight category, the cons still remains that the product is extremely heavy. Once you attached, AR went to 7.5 lbs. to 8.5 lbs, it takes 1 lbs difference with just Magpul UBR installed. The only fault in this gun is its weight. One has to make good muscles to look wonderful with this gun. If you want a light weight gun, so just go to Magpul stocks and grab it.

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    Three Dead in a Week of Hunting Accidents in France
    A 61-year-old French hunter accidentally killed his own son in a tragic hunting accident this week after mistaking him for a wild boar. With a six-year-old boy also being killed in a separate hunt this week, there will be increased pressure for tougher safety measures to be introduced. France witnessed two more fatal hunting accidents this week that will no doubt lead to renewed calls for more stringent safety measures to be introduced during the hunting season. On… [Local (France), via GunPolicy.org]

    Argentina Youth Gun Homicides Points to Rising Organized Crime
    Violent deaths among youth in Argentina are at a ten-year high in a pattern that may point to the rise in organized crime in the country. In 2011, the most recent full year statistics are available, 794 people aged 15 to 29 were murdered, reported La Nacion; the total figure of 4,935 violent deaths in that age range is the highest since 2003. The number of intentional homicides could be much higher. As reported by La Nacion, another 1,074 youth deaths were recorded as… [InSight Crime (Bogota) / La Nacion, via GunPolicy.org]

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    Rigell wants to pass Obamas Gun Control

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    One Scope, Two Rifles 

    If it is possible to use one riflescope for two rifles it would allow the hunter that extra bit of money saved by not buying a second rifle scope for the second rifle and spend it on buying only one but better riflescope instead. The idea apparently seems rather outlandish but considering the economic aspect of the whole concept it is surely worth a try.

    But there has to be some tradeoffs in the entire process as it has to be accepted that a single riflescope cannot be ideally fixed on two rifles. The user will have to accept that the rifle scope would perfectly fit on to one rifle while just about passably fit into the other. The endeavor should be to make the second fit as optimum as possible. So, this attempt could possibly work for a limited period of time, that is, till the hunter has saved enough money to be able to buy a separate riflescope for the second rifle where the existing optics just about manages to carry off the day.
    But how so ever pious the intention of using a single riflescope for two rifles might be, it would work only in certain specific cases. The base and ring combination in two rifles should be near identical for the hunter to easily remove the riflescope from one gun and mount it on to the other with minimum fuss. As for example, it would a herculean task not worth the labor involved if the single rifle scope is mounted on a long action bolt gun having dovetail rings and is then shifted to a short action lever gun having Weaver type scope mounts. It will simply does not work as it is practicable to go through so much recalibration and adjustments for attaching the optics. So, the two guns that would have a common hunting scope must have compatible ring and base combinations for this idea to work in practice.

    There are practically endless combinations of rifles that have such commonness and the hunter would be the best judge in deciding the pair they like best while undertaking this experiment. But they should not forget the basic requirement of this experiment to work while choosing the guns.

    Generally, the rifle scope should be appropriate for the rifle with the larger caliber. This idea is, however, hotly contested by some hunters who insist that the rifle scope should be ideally paired with the gun having lesser caliber as in most of the cases, a lesser powered hunting scope works perfectly for both larger and shorter caliber guns since most of the shooting is done within short to medium range where the need for high powered scopes is rather limited. Therefore, the idea of spending money on a riflescope whose full potential would never be used in real life hunting scenarios does not sound intelligent. The other issue is the chosen hunting scope must have eye relief suitable for both guns as any mismatch in it would result in utter discomfiture of the hunter and might even lead to his missing a few shots.

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    A Simple Dust Cover Solution
    Readers Price and Singletary point out a neat trick for popping up the ejection-port cover on an AR-15. Readers Troy and Steve worry about grade inflation with the Tavor TAR-21 bullpup

    9mm Short-Barrel Choice: We’d Carry 124-Grain Speer Gold Dots
    Among the most-popular concealed-carry handguns is the 9mm compact pistol. From the immensely popular mini Glocks to the Sig P290, there are quite a few pistols of this type in service. That’s not hard to understand why: in the same frame size, the 9mm is more powerful than the 380 ACP, and when compared to a similarly sized wheelgun, most 9mms offer more shots than a 38 Special. But many carriers who like the portability of a small 9mm pistol with a lot of shots worry how the 9mm compact’s terminal ballistics compare to the same rounds shot out of a full-size gun.

    Recommended for the Range
    Gun Tests readers dig into head-to-head rifle tests to see if a big-ticket item is something they may want to buy. But there are always some less-expensive products that we use during firearms testing which deserve mention when they deliver a lot utility for the buck. Here are three accessories used in the July 2013 CZ 527 Special Report and the September 2013 17 HMR story we thought were worth the money.

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    Accessorize Your AR 15 

    AR 15 is a semi-automatic rifle which has many variants. Before you pick your AR 15, it is advisable that you check the specifications of all the variants and judge for yourself which would be the best one for you. Remember, your AR 15 has to be handled with extreme caution and expertise, as it’s quite dangerous a toy. Even if you only shoot clay balls and tin cans, you need to do it with precision every time you shoot, in order to prevent injures to yourself and any other person.
    Once you have purchased your AR-15, you might want to glam it up a little. You have various options to accessorize your AR-15, thanks to manufacturers and distributors who supply their products globally. However, no matter how you modify the AR-15, at the end of the day you need to be comfortable with your instrument.

    What’s on the list?
    The range of AR-15 accessories is an extensive one. AR-15 accessories include different varieties of Upper Receiver Parts, Lower Receiver Parts, Magazines, Optics, Flashlights, Bipods, Lasers and many more. AR-15 accessories are available at your nearest arms and ammunitions store and also on the internet. However, you need to be very cautious while buying AR 15 accessories as your transaction must comply with domestic and international laws, whichever is applicable for that particular transaction. The sale and purchase of arms and ammunition are under the strict surveillance of law, and any derogatory action from your end might lead to severe repercussions.
    One thing that you need to keep in mind when you purchase AR 15 accessories, is that the expensive items are not necessarily the best ones. AR 15 accessories are manufactured by many different companies, hence the difference in price.

    For example, in terms of magazines, the AR-15 TAPCO 30 ROUND MAGAZINE is priced at $16.99 whereas the Polymer AR-15 30 Round 5.56/.223 Magazine is priced at $26.99.
    Similarly, to emphasize on the difference in price, let’s take another example of AR 15 Bipods. The AR-15 Universal Zytel Clamp-On Bipod is priced at $10.99 whereas the NcStar Adjustable Precision Grade Bipod is priced at $34.99.

    So, the point is, for beginners, it is recommended that you do not go for the most expensive items if you find a cheaper substitute which meets your requirements without compromising with the quality and efficiency of the product. As long as they are able to justify their functions, all the accessories, irrespective of their prices, are good enough for beginners.

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