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    Assembly votes to ban lead ammunition for hunting
    SACRAMENTO — The California Assembly voted Thursday to ban the use of lead ammunition when hunting wildlife. The ban would be the first of its kind in the country, said Jennifer Fearing, senior state director for the Humane Society of the …

    Tapco AR-15 Collapsible Stock: MSP Scope Mounts
    Component of the Tapco Intrafuse AR15 Rifle System. With Tapco military and law enforcement customers in mind, our T6 Collapsible Stock has been designed with …

    Target goes hunting in Silicon Valley, following Wal-Mart
    Mobile commerce, powered by smartphone-wielding shoppers, is a particular focus of retailers because this technology has the potential to revitalize in-store sales. Target’s San Francisco office will focus on “core commerce” initiatives …

    Magpul MOE AR-15 Carbine Stock, Commercial: MSP Scope Mounts
    AR-15 Stocks Another Precision and Tactical Accessory from MSP – Mounting Solutions Plus Gun Accessories and Scope Mounts & Rings. Products for shooters designed and …

    Planet-Hunting Kepler Spacecraft Suffers Major Failure, NASA Says
    This story was updated at 5:20 p.m. EDT. The planet-hunting days of NASA’s prolific Kepler space telescope, which has discovered more than 2,700 potential alien worlds to date, may be over. The second of Kepler’s four reaction wheels — devices that allow …

    NASA craft’s planet-hunting days may be numbered
    LOS ANGELES (AP) — NASA’s planet-hunting Kepler telescope is broken, potentially jeopardizing the search for other worlds where life could exist outside our solar system. If engineers … was supposed to be over by now, but last year, NASA agreed to …

    NASA’s planet-hunting Kepler telescope disabled
    Planet-hunting scientists were dealt a major blow Wednesday when NASA officials announced that a crucial wheel on the Kepler space telescope had ceased to function and that the craft had been placed in safe mode. Even as NASA officials raised the …

    AR-15 Accessories – MSP AR-15 Accessories, Scope Mounts & Rings
    ERGO F93 PRO AR-15 Stock – 8 position collapsible Price: $144.00. Sightlink – AR-15 Fiber Optic Front Sight Price: $49.95. NcSTAR AR-15 Armorer Wrench Tool Price: $25.00.

    Hunting Big Game (And Gains)
    When people hear “hedge fund” or “alternative investments,” many conjure up exotic strategies aimed at amazingly high returns. Well, as Sportin’ Life sang, it ain’t necessarily so. As discussed in earlier columns, some alternatives …

    Magpul ACS AR-15 Carbine Stock, Mil-Spec Version: MSP Scope Mounts
    Magpul ACS Stock Another Precision and Tactical Accessory from MSP – Mounting Solutions Plus Gun Accessories and Scope Mounts & Rings. Products for shooters designed …

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    Increase vertical resolution of scopes (Part 1)
    Is it necessary for your oscilloscope to view increasingly smaller electronic signal detail? You are not alone. Interest is growing in small signal visibility—both for current and voltage. Specifically, scope users want better ability to see small signal …

    Army orders biblical inscriptions off rifles
    SALT LAKE CITY — The United States Army has ordered troops to remove biblical references inscribed on rifle scopes. Soldiers at Fort Wainwright in Alaska were informed that the inscriptions JN8:12 and 2COR4:6 were to be removed from the scope of their …

    Maryland scopes out the utility of the future
    Quick Take: The Energy Future Coalition and the state of Maryland have released the first report from their Utility 2.0 project – and it’s important reading for everybody in our industry. With the possible exception of California’s piecemeal mandates, it …

    Army Removes Bible Verses From Scopes
    The U.S. Army is directing troops to remove a Bible inscription that a vendor etched into the serial numbers of weapon scopes, Fox News has learned. Soldiers at Fort Wainwright in Alaska told Fox News they received a directive to turn in their …

    How to preview Ubuntu Unity Smart Scopes
    Takeaway: Although the Unity Smart Scopes project has been delayed until the Ubuntu 13.10 release, it is still an amazing tool. Jack Wallen shows you how to get the Unity Smart Scopes installed on your Ubuntu 13.04 desktop. If you’ve been following the …

    G1 drag function
    —– G1 Drag function file —–R Retardation fps.s. V Velocity fps. R=A*V^m G1 Ballistic Constants V(feet/sec) A m

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    Magpul Handguards 

    6/15/2012 11:59:01 AM Although I haven’t tried it, this looks like it will do the trick. If you look at the pictures in the M&P vs dedicated upper thread, someone posted a pic with a different Magpul Handguard

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    Sheriff’s detective faces charges in fight
    A Spokane County sheriff’s detective faces felony charges of domestic violence and second-degree assault after allegedly using a flashlight to hit his girlfriend and another man at a drunken party last Sunday near Odessa. Detective Dale T.

    Phosforce laser flashlight can illuminate or incinerate
    The Phosforce from Wicked Lasers turns the company’s powerful Arctic laser into a portable light that kicks out 500 lumens. It’s nowhere near as powerful as the company’s Torch flashlight — which at 4,100 lumens is apparently strong enough to …

    Light app review: an app that lights your way
    Light by Jason Ting turns your mobile device into a bright and useful flashlight. This app turns your mobile device into an LED flashlight that can come in handy when walking to the car in the dark, looking through your purse, reading something …

    New Pink Colored LED Flashlight Tool for Mother’s Day Announced by Impeltronics
    Impeltronics announces today a new pink LED flashlight tool. The perfect Mother’s Day gift item for easy carry in purse, handbag, tool chest and car or just about anywhere an LED flashlight tool is needed. Every mother should know that the product is …

    Before demolition resumes, a flashlight vigil at the former St. Patrick’s Church
    WATERVLIET — Before a demolition crew takes its third swipe at the last standing remnant of the former St. Patrick’s Church, close to 100 people crowded the sidewalk in front of the property Sunday for a unique farewell. In a twist on the traditional …

    ASGR:Flashlight, ROBLOX World Tour Guitar, ROBLOX World Tour Hot Air Baloon, and Mechatronic Spider
    Hot air balloon: This thing will take you on a world tour of ROBLOX in 80 days or less! Not really, but it will fly you and a buddy around the level and make you look awesome in your avatar thumbnail. Our first personal transport vehicle for two!

    Making Your Laser a Flashlight Is the Lamest Way to Make It Useful
    Wicked Lasers has made a name for itself by building incredibly powerful handheld lasers that it’s still legally able to sell to the public. At the top of the heap is the Wicked Lasers Arctic which blasts forth a full watt of focused blue light. But when …

    Doctor Who Dalek Eye Stalk Flashlight
    No one likes to live in the dark permanently, and there is nothing quite like the feeling of the dawn breaking right after a long night. Having a flashlight handy around is always a good idea, as you can never quite tell just when there might be …

    AR-15 Rifles : Cabela’s
    MWG 90 Rounder AR-15 Magazine. $132.99 (19) Burris® AR-P.E.P.R™ Mount. $89.99 (29) Compare Compare Compare : CAA Ergonomic Forearm Vertical Grip. $19.99 (7)

    Syntec 30-Round AR-15 Magazines – Per 5 : Cabela’s
    Lightweight, corrosion-resistant, high-impact polymer magazines for your AR-15 rifle. Each magazine sports an anti-tilt follower and stainless steel spring for …

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    Trijicon SRS 

    2/29/2012 2:54:39 PM what is the difference between the two? ( Trijicon SRS is the longer version of the ARS) Thanks Franc bigred31969

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    Tapco AR-15 Collapsible Stock: MSP Scope Mounts
    Tapco AR-15 Accessories Another Precision and Tactical Accessory from MSP – Mounting Solutions Plus Gun Accessories and Scope Mounts & Rings. Products for shooters …

    About IQPC and IDGA
    IQPC and IDGA – Bringing Defense Practitioners together to teach, explore, collaborate and learn online and at IDGA Conferences.

    Military Events – IDGA Defense & Military Conferences
    Find leading conferences and events in the military and defense industry on The Institute for Defense & Government Advancement(IDGA). Register online today.

    Magpul PRS AR15/M16 (5.56N) Rifle Stock: MSP Scope Mounts
    Precision and Tactical : Magpul PRS AR15/M16 (5.56N) Rifle Stock from MSP – Mounting Solutions Plus Firearm Accessories and Shooters Supply. Products for shooters …

    Ruger 10/22 50 Round Teardrop Magazine from MWG : Parts 4 Ruger 10/22
    Ruger 10/22 50 Round Teardrop Magazine from MWG. Clear polymer 10/22 magazine ; Fifty rounds of .22 long rifle ammunition; Steel feed lips provide years of reliable …

    AR-15 Stocks – MSP AR-15 Accessories, Scope Mounts & Rings
    AR-15 Stocks Another Precision and Tactical Accessory from MSP – Mounting Solutions Plus Gun Accessories and Scope Mounts & Rings. Products for shooters designed and …

    Defense News Articles – Military Videos, Information & Conferences …
    IDGA, a division of IQPC is an international online community focusing on providing pharmaceutical professionals with knowledge, information, articles and resources.

    Magpul ACS AR-15 Carbine Stock, Mil-Spec Version: MSP Scope Mounts
    Magpul ACS Stock Another Precision and Tactical Accessory from MSP – Mounting Solutions Plus Gun Accessories and Scope Mounts & Rings. Products for shooters designed …

    Defense News & Government News for Industry Professionals | IDGA.org
    IDGA – Government & Defense community, featuring defense and government news articles, videos, podcasts, information resources & conferences. Join today.

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    Aimpoint Micro T1 Red Dot Sight (4 MOA): MSP Scope Mounts 

    The Aimpoint T1 (and the H1) are the pinnacle of cutting edge in weapons sighting systems. Every bit as rugged and reliable as the full size models but with less bulk and less weight to haul around. The T1 is the Night Vision Capable version, while the H1 is the same model without the Night Vision settings).

    The T1 has an estimated battery life of 5 years and weights almost nothing. The small size of the tube I thought would be noticeable but it is not at all. After the minimum amount of time you will only notice the red dot and not the sight housing surrounding it. The sight itself is very short and needs a space or separate mount to be used with an AR style rifle (there are dozens of quality made aftermarket mounts). The T1 can be used as the primary weapons sighting system or as a backup ‘piggy backed’ on a magnified optic.

    You will pay for the T1 but what you get is the highest of quality from a company that stand behind its products 100%. There is a reason why you have seen Aimpoint optics on the sights of military, law enforcement and serious shooters the world over. The Aimpoint is by far the toughest and most reliable red dot optic system I have ever seen or used.

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    Bianchi Holsters 

    1 Slightly used Factory Beretta compact 10 round magazine 40 caliber 1 slightly used Beretta 21A .25acp magazine ALL these Factory Beretta Mags are made in Italy 1 slightly used G23 10 round mag 1 slightly used G32 10 round mag 1 USGI used 30 round mag no dents etc runs 100% new OD follower in it 1 Used but Excellent Condition Bianchi Holsters #13s Shoulder Holster for Glocks 1 Large New OD green Blackhawk Holsters Belt 1 Fobus Holsters right hand paddle for G30 with matching single mag pouch 1 used SWAT pouch zipper/black 6 new USGI A2 silent slings with hardware 1 USGI Pistol Belt used 1 SAW Barrel bag I think this what it was for a buddy gave it to me (works great with Side Folding AK’s or Shotguns?

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    Sturm, Ruger & Company Inspecting Freedom Group, But Deal Unlikely
    Sturm, Ruger & Company (NYSE:RGR) gun maker revealed that it is analyzing the accounts of rival Freedom Group, which has been up for sale for quite some time now. However, Sturm, Ruger said that it might not bid for the company, reports Reuters.

    Vortex Red Dot Scope – MSP AR-15 Accessories, Scope Mounts & Rings
    Home > Manufactures > Vortex Optics > Vortex Red Dot Scope > Vortex Red Dot Scope • Vortex SPARC Red Dot Scope • Vortex StrikeFire Red Dot Scope • VMX3 …

    Sturm, Ruger & Company : Ruger American Rifle Wins Golden Bullseye Award
    Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. (NYSE: RGR) is proud to announce the Ruger American Rifle® has received a “Golden Bullseye Award” from the National Rifle Association’s American Rifleman magazine. Selected by a seven-member committee consisting of editors …

    Sturm, Ruger Eyes Texas for Big New Plant
    On its website, Ruger is advertising job openings all its current locations … Fifer said Ruger’s net income jumped 53 percent as gun sales surged. Demand for firearms and ammunition has been strong as gun enthusiasts rushed to buy ahead …

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    Bianchi Holsters 

    [Member] 4/16/2012 7:56:37 PM Galco Holsters Ankle Glove like new right handed, black, fits CW9, MK9 or PM9. I used it for about an hour trying it out with my CM9 but it’s just not going to work for me. $60 shipped. I’ll take it. Please give me payment info. Thanks, Jim 10mmillie 4/24/2012 9:59:29 PM bump 10mmillie 6/2/2012 11:36:27 AM bump 10mmillie 6/10/2012 10:46:09 PM Any offers? I’m looking for a good holster for my 6904 IWB or OWB if anyone is interested in a trade. neby98 6/13/2012 1:31:28 AM I’ll take the comptac PM9 per our IM’s WTB/WTT For Bianchi Holsters #111 Leather Cross Draw 5″ 1911 Holster Title says it all. Looking for a Bianchi Holsters #111 Leather Cross Draw Holster for a full size 5″ 1911 Pistol to be worn on the Left Side for a Right Handed Shooter. Color does not matter.

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